Showroom Location: 196, Hoang Quoc Viet, P. Co Nhue 1, Q. Bac Tu Liem. Tp Ha Noi 

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Tel: (024) 32009530 



Showroom Introduction: Hisense Vietnam Showroom includes showroom, service center and training center. 1)Showroom In the showroom, it covers an area of 38 square meters. Various air conditioning units we supply in Vietnam market are displayed. Firstly, outdoor units include G+ series, X series, W series and C/L/E series. Next, indoor units include low static pressure ducted type, slim ducted type, 1-way cassette, 2-way cassette, 4-way cassette, ceiling and floor type, wall mounted type and all fresh air type. Also, a total heat exchanger is displayed in the showroom as well. Multiple core parts are displayed including pressure sensor, thermistor, electronic expansion valve, compressor, main board, motor, inverter control board, drain-up pump and so on. 2)Training Center In the training center, it covers an area of 20 square meters to accommodate more than 12 people for each training session. A 58-inch LED television is set up for the visitors to watch videos regarding core technology and control system of our product. A professional training session will be conducted to guide the visitors about product design consideration and installation procedure. There will be a demonstration of installation steps, button instructions and design of VRF system using Hisense Hitachi design software. Through this training session, the visitors are able to establish a stronger foundation knowledge about our product design and operation before proceeding to our service center. 3)Service Center In the service center, it covers an area of 20 square meters to accommodate more than 15 people for each training session. An 8 HP X series outdoor unit is connected to 5 indoor units using VRF system. The indoor units include 4-way cassette type, high static pressure type, wall mounted type, low static pressure type and ceiling and floor type. The system is connected to wireless remote controllers, wired controllers and centralized controllers. A hands-on training session is provided of how to operate all the functions on different air conditioning units. It’s important to ensure that the installed unit is tested correctly according to the manufacturer specification and is matched to the environment. The outcome of this hands-on training session is to guide the visitors and provide them a better understanding in installation standards, commissioning and maintenance in order to improve the performance and reliability of the unit and thus increase the overall operation efficiency.