Hisense Held Global VRF Customer Training Conference

11 11 2015

During November 2nd – 5th, Hisense global VRF sales and technical training conference was held in Hisense/Hitachi training center Qinhuangdao. Totally 39 customers from Russia, the Middle East, Poland, Ghana, India, Azerbaijan, Paraguay, Georgia, Ukraine, Cyprus, Chile, Myanmar, Cambodia and other countries and regions participated in the great annual Conference, having the max. number of customers over the years

The training highlighted the technology communication. Hisense R&D experts and several senior engineers were involved as trainees, introduced Hisense core technology, the full range of product line, products features, selling points, competitive analysis and software about Hisense VRF products. During the training, customers were encouraged to ask questions and communicated with the trainees freely. All customers were very active

Besides the technical training, Hisense also showed customers the modern production lines and laboratories. By visiting Hisense showroom, plant, laboratories and others, customers knew more about Hisense’s advanced production technology and strict quality control system in VRF. The visiting also greatly improved the confidence of customers and built a good foundation for further long-term cooperation.

As an annual conference, the training further consolidated the cooperation between customers and Hisense VRF team. In addition, the global market development of Hisense VRF also benefited from the regular technical communication and positive relationship.