Hisense VRF Starts Cooperation With UNTES In Turkish Market

28 09 2016

Recently, Hisense signed a contract with Turkish client UNTES, which starts a strategic cooperation between two sides in Turkish VRF Market. This is another breakthrough for Hisense VRF in European market-expanding.UNTES Corporation was founded in 1968, and it’s the largest local AC manufacturer and supplier in Turkey. With 48 years’ HVAC experience, UNTES has held the No.1 position in this field for a long time. The union of Hisense and UNTES will consolidate the all-around development of Hisense VRF oversea market, as well as lay a good foundation for the rapid growth of Hisense VRF market share.Hisense’s brand development strategy is successfully implemented during these years. Hisense is one of the ten premium sponsors for 2016 Euro Cup; Hisense is the official sponsors of F1 Redbull team, American NASCAR, Schalke 04 Club, The Australian Open, etc.,the awareness of Hisense brand is dramatically increased globally, especially in Europe.

Turkey has the largest VRF market in Europe, based on the long-term local market development,Hisense VRF will focus on the planning of both brand and business development, which is the core part of Hisense’s globalization strategy.With “Integrity Management, Sincere Cooperation” principle, Hisense VRF has always been devoting itself into providing the best products and the most professional services to clients all over the world. Along with others Hisense products, Hisense VRF have been shipped into over 100 countries, serving hundreds of millions of people globally.