New Hisense VRF Product Launch For Export of The First Quarter

29 03 2017

On March 27, Overseas Business Department of QingdaoHisense Hitachi Air-Conditioning Systems Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as"Hisense Hitachi") released a batch of new Hisense VRF products for export, including more than 50 types suchas outdoor units, indoor units, controllers and so on. These products target global markets such as Europe, Latin America and so on. Also more than 40 copies of product supporting data of 20 items are published, which is the first implementation of information completeness standard made by OverseasTechnical Department according to features of overseas markets. The new products launch this time is unprecedented in its large scope, perfect performance, and complete supporting information.

The products of G+ series targeting high-end markets of Europe and Latin America, with horsepower of single module reaching 22HP and four-module combination achieve the highest level energy efficiency in the industry. Furthermore, these products adopt 50/60Hz universal power supplies, meeting the demands of Latin American market synchronously.

The 1-way-cassette and 2-way-cassette products for global markets are equipped with full DC motors, fresh air introduction and ultra-low noise function. Moreover, 1-way-cassette is equipped with intelligent human detection as optional part. The newly-launched DC Low Height series can be optionally equipped with fashionable 3D air outlet panels, which can satisfy demands of home decoration. The newly-launched indoor units not only supplement indoor unit product line but also greatly improve the products competitiveness.The new launched controllers, receivers and other optional parts not only follow the style of traditional appearance but also integratethe intelligent design theory such as intelligent human sense, timing, 3Dswing control and multistage speed control, which reflect the design ideasof convenience and intelligence. 

The release of new products will undoubtedly motivate the global market.The new products launch conducted in a short time indicates Hisense Hitachi’s determination to expand the export business , which greatly inspire our customers. We believe that with such advanced products, Hisense VRF will achieve a great expansion on global market in 2017. Let’s look forward to it!