Renew the future -- 2023 Hisense Hi-Therma Series Heat Pump Launch Conference

16 06 2023

On June 16th, 2023 Hisense Hi-Therma Series Heat Pump Launch Conference was successfully held in Paris, France. A total of 29 companies were invited to attend the conference. This is the first time for Hisense HVAC to organize an ATW Heat Pump new product launch event in the European market, showing that both Hisense Group and Hisense HVAC think highly of the European heat pump market, as well as Hisense's commitment to expanding the heat pump business.

Li Youbo, vice president of Hisense HVAC, Song Zhenxing, general manager of R&D Department, and Dong Xiaoshan, general manager of Overseas Heating Business Unit, delivered speeches and introduced the latest Hi-Therma series heat pump products, Hisense HVAC's brand development and global market development strategies, calling on global partners to "move forward together and renew the future".

Hisense HVAC actively explores the European heat pump market

Hisense has always demonstrated to the world our core essence: advanced technology, innovative ideas, and the pursuit of a superior user experience. With the shared value of "customer focus," Hisense is becoming a trusted brand. Taking advantage of the global reach of the Hisense Group, Hisense HVAC is actively exploring the European heat pump market with the Hi-Therma series heat pump products, offering customers energy-saving and comprehensive heating solutions. This strategic move will also contribute to the development of overseas business.

Mr. Li Youbo, Vice President of Hisense HVAC and General Manager of GBU, stated that in the past year, 2022, Hisense HVAC's heat pump business has achieved double-digit growth, leveraging the advantage of EU heat pump business development. Hisense HVAC currently has a professional R&D, technology, and sales team dedicated to promoting the growth of the heat pump business. Mr. Li emphasized, " We will adhere to the business philosophy of integrity, customer first, and strive to create value for customers, provide good products and services for users, and make contributions to the entire society! "

Launch of heat pump products for energy system transformation

Hisense is committed to providing customers a comprehensive range of HVAC solutions worldwide. Mr. Song Zhenxing, General Manager of the Product Development Department, announced the product lineups, stylish design, outstanding features, and reference projects of the Hi-Therma series at the conference. Hi-Therma offers the best and most efficient solution for home heating and hot water supply, embodying Hisense's brand DNA of 'warmth and technology'. It has a top-class A+++ energy classification under low-temperature water conditions and A++ under mid-temperature water conditions, ensuring savings on energy costs and a positive impact on the environment.

During the conference, Keisho Ka, President of JARN Magazine, the leading magazine covering the global HVAC&R industry, expressed his pleasure in attending the conference and his appreciation of Hisense HVAC products through a video message. He emphasized that heat pumps are a key technology for energy system transformation and decarbonization development. Hisense HVAC's ATW heat pumps have a promising future in the European market. Keisho Ka also expressed his honor to witness the success of Hisense HVAC and his confidence in future cooperation and joint development with the company.

Mr. Dong Xiaoshan, General Manager of the Heating Business Unit, focused on brand strength and brand business, presenting a comprehensive overview of Hisense HVAC's global presence, as well as the integrated strategy and vision of the HVAC division.

In recent years, Hisense has made significant efforts to develop its own brands and has evolved into a global enterprise in household appliances and consumer electronics. In 2022, Hisense HVAC achieved substantial growth in both international brand revenue and international sales revenue. The success comes from adhering to world-class standards in product R&D, parts procurement, manufacturing and rigorous quality certification, and product testing. Furthermore, Hisense HVAC's intelligent products enable cloud control, remote control, centralized control, and intelligent control, simplifying and enhancing the air conditioning experience. This ensures that customers receive comfortable air solutions and a wonderful experience.

Mr. Dong Xiaoshan stated, "Throughout the sales cycle, marketing, logistics, training, technology, after-sales, and support, Hisense HVAC is always with you." In the face of the promising European heat pump market, Hisense HVAC is fully prepared for future market demands, establishing a robust marketing strategy and service system and aiming to provide professional and healthy air system solutions with high-quality products and services to customers worldwide. With optimism and confidence, Hisense HVAC will face every challenge and work with every partner to achieve mutual success.

After the conference, several partners expressed that the event provided them with a comprehensive understanding of Hisense Group's formidable strength, HVAC product technology, channel capabilities, and ambition to expand its overseas ATW business. They expressed their willingness to continue developing and growing alongside Hisense's HVAC business.

Together, let's move forward and renew the future!