Two Hisense Products Won the Red Dot Design Award which Shows the Authorized “Quality Assurance” Worldwide!

7 05 2022

Recently, two products of Hisense brand in Hisensehitachi, Hi-Therma series (Hisense new generation of R32 ATW (air-source heat pump)) and new generation of VRF (variable refrigerant flow) family series, has won the 2022 Red Dot Design Award (Germany), which shows that the appearance and quality of both Hisense ATW product and VRF product have obtained the most authoritative "quality assurance" in the world, among which the ATW products were launched at the beginning of this year.

The Red Dot Design Award started in 1955, together with "IF Award" (Germany) and "IDEA Award" (the US), they are called the world's three major design awards, which is the top prize for product design globally and is recognized as the symbol of international idea and design.

Being well-prepared to expand the European market
In 2020, the leaders of 27 countries in the EU agreed on a higher emission reduction target, and decided to reduce the EU's greenhouse gas emissions by at least 55% compared with that in 1990 by 2030, then achieve "carbon neutrality" by 2050. In the past two years, most EU countries have introduced incentive policies to guide people to transfer from traditional fuel gas for heating to ATW products for heating. The European air-source heat pump market has seen explosive growth.
Hisensehitachi has been engaged in heat pump heating technology for more than ten years. In order to seize the opportunity of the European market to achieve a breakthrough in the overseas heat pump market, as well as meet the higher requirements of the European market in terms of environmental protection and energy efficiency, since 2019, Hisensehitachi has increased investment in the research and development of ATW products with R32 refrigerant, and the products with the highest energy efficiency grade of AAA+ launched in January this year.
Making innovation to win customers
As a "latecomer" of the ATW market, at the beginning of new product development, Hisensehitachi's Product Planning Department and R&D team regarded the differentiated appearance and functional design of the product as an essential breakthrough.
In terms of appearance design, the UX team of the Product Planning Department and our product design team in Germany Office continued to compare and analyze for several times. After dozens of changes, we got the current design. The product design focuses more on the harmony and unity of the living environment, and the two kinds of gray show a sense of good taste. The joint of appearance and UI (user interface) adopts double-color light of blue and red, compared with traditional single-color light, it optimizes the emotional design of products and lets users know its real-time running status. This time, our design makes a bold attempt to adopt a number of Hisense unique innovation features. Combi (integrated type) and Split (split type) series continue to use the new visual brand language of Hisense central air-conditioner, which is the design of square outside and round inside. It makes the German precise industrial design aesthetics together with the Chinese humanistic thought, and changes people's stereotype of the industrial product.
In terms of product function, Hisense Hi-Therma ATW products can provide each family with an efficient three-in-one solution (heating, cooling and domestic hot water), and it can get access to solar energy and other green energy resources easily, then achieve the expected result of energy saving and emission reduction. Meanwhile, its integrated intelligent control system can realize independent control of temperature for 7 rooms, then bring users a customized comfortable experience. Moreover, in terms of service, based on the intelligent remote control function of IoT technology, it can help Hisense to provide customers with perfect, timely and well-targeted after-sales service, then meet the ultimate pursuit of users to the maximum extent.
As an international brand, Hisense always pays attention to technological innovation and user experience, then improves products upon continuous research and development. As a famous Chinese poem goes, “The world is alive with inspiration like a potter who turns the wheel, by nature’s doing and human skill, too, one strives daily for something new", Hisensehitachi won the Red Dot Design Award, which shows the recognition of both Hisense product design and Hisensehitachi's product development vision.
With leading functions, high-end design, comfortable experience and eco-friendly concept, Hisense R32 ATW heat pump has received orders from many European countries such as Italy, Spain, Portugal and Poland since being launched for more than 2 months, and it’s very popular among customers. Hisensehitachi strongly believes that with the further improvement of the product lineup and the continuous expansion of the market channels, Hisense ATW air-source heat pump in the overseas market will definitely make much progress in its development.