Hisense Hi-FLEXi S Series Heat Recovery Systems

31 07 2019

The distinguishing feature of Hi-FLEXi S series heat recovery is that it can offer cooling and heating simultaneously using an indoor unit or a water module in one refrigerant system, which meets the different room temperature requirements of different zones in a layered building or transition season and achieves an optimal comfort level. When connected with a water module, the chilled water generated by the water module can be used for radiant cooling of a ceiling or a wall. Moreover, a water module can provide floor heating or domestic hot water (DHW) as well. Heat recovery technology offers high efficiency and reduced energy bills by transferring heat from the cooling side to the heating side, generating free DHW automatically during the cooling season.
This product also adopts a new-generation high efficiency scroll compressor with patented vaporinjection technology to improve performance at low ambient temperatures. By combining non-stop heating technology, the unit can achieve more stable and uniform comfort during the whole heating season.