Hisense VRF customer conference in Poland

1 04 2019

Looking back at 2018, Hisense VRF business grows rapidly in East Europe. Hisense has established cooperative relations with local channels in Poland, Serbia, Romania, and Croatia markets, which make a good foundation for rapid development of future business. In order to further consolidate and deepen the relationship with customers, as well as enhancing customers' confidence in Hisense brand, products and long-term development of local business, on February 19, 2019, Hisense holds a customer conference in Poland. It is great to gather distinguished guests from 8 countries in this conference. Hisense and its partners have an in-depth exchange of marketing strategy and policy, new product and technologies during this conference.
In the past year, the international economy has gone through a rough time. It is our partner’s support that brings Hisense a steady improvement in global business. And this is also the result that Hisense always insist on the integrity of its business philosophy, as well as market-oriented service awareness, and the entrepreneurial spirit. In the coming year, Hisense will build an industry-leading product portfolio, which is committed to providing users with high-quality products, better air solutions and consumer experience. Meanwhile, Hisense will improve its product planning of 2019 from the aspects of product technology and after-sales service.
Hisense partner from Poland, Mr. Marek Wawryniuk, Chairman and Management Board of Schiessl Polska, makes a sharing at the conference, which provides other customers with new ideas and perspectives for future business development in East Europe. In conference, the HVAC industry in East Europe highly appreciated Hisense's high product quality, perfect technical support, and efficient marketing service. Hisense discuss in depth with its partners how to further display Hisense's advantages in quality and technical support, as well as studying the characteristics of localized sales thus to expand the market share steadily. Hisense firmly believe that, success comes from cooperation, while this event not only deepens our friendship with each partners, but enhances our brand image at local, as well as raising our brand awareness in the HAVC industry in this region. Hisense is honored to have partnership with our customers. With your efforts, Hisense could expand our VRF business successfully in global markets.
In 2019, with the goal of being a professional air solution provider, Hisense will continue to provide energy saving and efficient solutions for overseas markets. Hope Hisense VRF business a blooming future!