2018 Hisense VRF Global Customer Training Seminar

31 10 2018

The 2018 Hisense VRF Global Customer Training Seminar is held in Qingdao, headquarter of Hisense Group, from 7th Nov. to 9th Nov. 2018. We invite dozens of customers from more than 20 countries to experience Hisense's innovations and technologies during these three days.

The training includes but not limited to the following:

Introduction to Hisense group and HisenseHitachi

Introduction to quality assurance program, R&D, and all the support system

Introduction to Hisense VRF product lineups and new product plan

Topic discussion about VRF application

Hisense group showroom, factory and project reference visit

After whole day training, customers have a better understanding of Hisense VRF products, and a great confidence in the cooperation with Hisense. Besides, Hisense technology is highly recognized by our customers as well. 

We are grateful for all our customers have done for Hisense VRF business. With all the contributions they made for Hisense, we have expanded to 17 branches across the world, and maintain an average annual growth rate of more than 30%. In the future, Hisense aims to be a better system solution provider. We will keep up with the cutting-edge technology and provide customers with better VRF products.

Through this training conference, we hope we could convey the trust and confidence to all our partners, and we hope our products and services can help to grow business and win more business for them. Let's wish the cooperation between Hisense VRF and our partners a blooming future!