Vietnam showroom center opening ceremony

18 09 2018

Great news from Vietnam—on 15th Sep. Hisense VRF set up the FIRST Showroom Center of Vietnam in Ho Chi Minh City. Over 40 customers are present, which include the owners, distributor, and contractors. Professor and Doctor Li Chi Hiep, the Head of Heat & Refrigeration Department of HCMUT, Chairman of Energy Council of Vietnam National University, is present as well. This showroom is located in the city center with residential area surrounded, which provides a convenient products display platform for customers. It is a center that integrating product showing, training, customer visit and sales etc.
After the showroom put to use, it will become an important way for customers from South Vietnam better understanding our brand and products. And for Hisense, the showroom opening is also a good chance to hold the market opportunities, and a great support to expand our business in Vietnam as well.