JARN Interviewed Hisense VRF Vietnam

24 05 2018

On 19th May, Mr. Keisho Ka, president of JARN, interviewed the Hisense VRF management team at its Vietnam Office. After visiting Hisense's showroom, training center, service center and on-hand operation center, he believed that Hisense VRF displayed professional operations in Vietnam.

When Mr. Ka interviewed Mr. Bao Yi, the Deputy General Manager of Hisense VRF global business, they discussed the latest industry news and trends. Mr. Bao said that HisenseHitachi achieved successful performance in China VRF marketing, and they will expand the global business, and has targeted Vietnam market as one of its global strategic areas. Both shareholders of HisenseHitachi support its business strategy.

Mr. Ka also interviewed Mr. Michael King, GM of Hisense VRF Vietnam and Vo Dinh Hien, Sales director of Hisense VRF Vietnam. They said even though the Vietnam market is full of fierce competition, Hisense VRF is a good platform for HVAC elites to perform their talents and its localization strategy plays an effective and outstanding role. Together with the launch conference of Hisense VRF new high-end series held in Marriott Hotel, Hanoi, the office was officially inaugurated in December 2017 with the witness of vice chairman of Vietnam Refrigeration Association and other influential experts in the HVAC industry of Vietnam.

Hisense' high-end full-inverter outdoor units and cutting-edge water-source VRF system, along with Hisense VRF's versatile indoor units and smart control applications are suit-cased in the showroom. The training center and on-hand operation center allow engineers from the industry to be effectively trained with highly efficient and smart features, elaborate installation standards, partner-worry-free T&C, service concepts and policies of Hisense VRF, backing by the spare parts in the service center which can respond rapidly the service demand of the projects. With only one-year of official business activity in 2017, Hisense VRF Vietnam strived for a meaningful sales performance, with typical reference projects 2700HP Vinschool noble school project and Unit Nations Development Project head office in Hanoi, 1400HP Vinipearl 5-start resorts in Hoi An, Ho Chi Minh City Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital and numerous different type of other projects stretching all through the main cities of Vietnam from the North to the South. In 2017, Hisense VRF Vietnam also lay a good foundation and conducted dozens of marketing activities by reliable teams of sales, technical support, marketing, operation and service with the goal to have a better presence in 2018 and compete to be in the Top 3 in the VRF market of Vietnam within 3 years.