Hisense VRF 2018 Global Customers Training

17 04 2018

From 11th to 13th, Hisense VRF 2018 Global Customers Training has been held grandly at Renaissance Hotel, Qingdao, China. More than 40 customers from several different countries participated in this training and received a warm welcome from Mr. Zhang, the vice general manager of Oversea Business Department. Mr. Zhang said Hisense Hitachi still takes market as its lead, customer service as its principle as always to provide more and better support.

This training is included in the introduction of company, visiting the Hisense showroom visiting factory and laboratory and the introduction of new production, selection software, quality management and so on. During visiting factory and laboratory, customer visited the product line of outdoor units and indoor units to know the core technologies of Hisense and learn the strict tests about products and components. In the showroom, there are many kinds of Hisense products that from various areas that show the strength of Hisense to customers and experience the Hisense’s high-end products. Meanwhile, Customers had a deep communication with sales managers so that they have further understand about Hisense. At the end of training, there was a section of awarding for customers who had finished all courses of training.

Through three days training, customers gave a good appraisal to this training and had a high recognition for Hisense. We believe that the training just a beginning of good cooperation between Hisense and its customers.

Hisense VRF is dedicated to developing and applying central air-conditioning technologies, providing professional, healthy and people-centered air-conditioning solution to be the leader in high-end air-conditioning market. That is can be confirmed not only in this training but also in Hisense culture, products and so on.