Hisense VRF Showed New Products in MCE

19 03 2018

On Mar. 13, 2018, Hisense VRF put on MCE 2018 together with Hisense residential and light commercial air conditioner which attract thousands of visitors and industrial professinals. Mr. Liu Tao, the vice president of Hisense VRF overseas department presented on the show and spoke for new Hisense VRF products. During the show, Mr. Liu Tao met several key customers and discuss deeply about the long-term strategic cooperation in the future.

On the show, Hisense VRF launched the very new product of this year -S series Heat Pump and S series Heat Recovery. S series is large capacity with Max. 28HP for single module, 4 modules combination up 112HP which can perfectly satisfy the need of high rise and large comprehensive buildings. The new S series adopts patented 360° fitting refrigerant cooling technology which is leading in the industry and ensure the stable operation of PCB and the whole system. What’s more, the new EVI compressor effectively make excellent heating performance even in the -25℃ temperature. Besides, the G-shaped heat exchanger and centralized PCB greatly improve the efficiency and lower the noise of the whole system. The factory also expressed that the S series Heat Recovery also will be launched within this year.

Hi-AquaSmart and Multi-functional also show up in the MCE. These two products integrate cooling/heating, floor heating and domestic hot water in one system, providing customers with comprehensive, clean and energy-saving solutions. With cutting edge Hisense technology, the COP can reach to 4.84 which is apparently leading in the industry.

With the conception of smart home getting more and more popular, Hisense VRF pay a lot of attention to the smart control system. Hi-Home is the highlight this year. With this system, Hisense’s central air conditioners can be connected to Apple’s smart home platform——HomeKit and realize remote control. For your information, Hisense is the only brand who can be connected to this system for central air conditioning. Besides Hi-Home, 7-inch touch screen central controllers and new 86*86 controllers with color screen are also displayed on the show.